Title                       : Scholostry (begining)


Genre                   : Romance, friendship, school life, family


Rating                   : Teen


Cast                       : Park Chanyeol               

                                  Byun Baekhyun

                                  Kim Jongin (Kai)

                                  D.O Kyungsoo

                                  Kim Joonmyun (Suho)

                                  Oh Sehun

                                  Jung Ji Soo

                                  Kim Seol Ah

                                  Shin Yoonmin

                                  Park Hyun Ki

  Kim Liya

                                   Park Yeon Min


Author                  :  Omma and @Krisanthemum18

Translator           : @baekhyunchik


This FF was certainly being inspired from BBF drama, but author will try to make this FF to be seems more different. Thank you for all the cast who were willing to participate in this ff. Hope you love it.

-Author side-


A yeoja seems being difficult to walk while holding her luggage. She occasionally sighed heavily as she grumbled to herself. That yeoja face wasn’t like most of Korean people looks like, because she was a Russian-Korean descent. That beautiful yeoja named Kim Liya.

” Aigoo, why my room so far away?” complained Liya as she pulled her suitcase rudely.

In a few moments later, another yeoja appeared, walked by while sucking a lollipop in her mouth. Flat and cold gaze was completely seen on her face. This yeoja looks a little bit messy just from how she walked, she only tied her hair carelessly and wasn’t like the other yeoja earlier she only brought a small backpack on her back.

That yeoja just scrunched her eyebrows as she looked at the yeoja in front of her seems got busy with her own luggage. Out of sudden, a mischievous idea appeared on her head. She took her rapid steps. And at the next second she purposely bumped herself towards that yeoja.


“Kyaaa!!” the victim of the mischievous ideas from that messy yeoja was just screaming as startled, caused all her suitcases scattered all over the floor.

Liya just stared the person who had bumped her earlier with her pleading eyes.

“Why did you bumped over me?” asked Liya with a little sob.

“Because you were blocking my way, and you’re too slow such as snails” said that yeoja as she walked away leaving her with all the mess that she had made ​​earlier.

Tears began to pooled on her eyes. “So mean..” whispered Liya as she struggled tidying up her luggage back.

All of sudden there was another yeoja helped Liya. She stared that yeoja with an astonished.

“Ah don’t cry, I’ll help you,” said that yeoja, smiled sweetly. Liya merely nodded her head.

“Thank you” said Liya bowed.

“You’re welcome” replied that yeoja as she bowed back.

“What’s your name?” asked that yeoja.

“Kim Liya .. Liya imnida ” answered Liya, holding out her hand.

“Annyeong Liya-ssi, Kim Seol Ah imnida” said Seol Ah as she shook Liya’s hand.

“You’re okay, right??? hmm Ji Soo was always like that.” Seol Ah stated.

“Ji soo? Nugu? ” asked Liya curious.

“The yeoja who had bumped you earlier, her named was Jung Ji Soo, she was always like that …”

“You know her?” asked Liya again.

Seol Ah nodded her head. “Yup, she’s my neighbor” she cheerfully replied .

“Oh ya, what’s your rooms number?” asked Seol Ah.

“Number 101” replied Liya.

“Jinjaaa???  It means you are my roommate!!!!” replied Seol Ah enthusiastically. There is pleasure feeling when Liya knows her roommate was a kind person.

“I hope I’m not sharing a room with that strange yeoja.” Liya mumbled to herself.

_____________________________ ______Scholostry________________________________________


“Ya!!! keep goin’!! Hit that!!! Aish! cheesy joystick!” said a yeoja as she slammed her stick to any direction and took another PS sticks out of her bag.

“Tsk!! I have to start all over again!” complained that yeoja named Shin Yoonmin. A few minutes later Yoonmin threw back again her stick because she was dissatisfied with the points result that she got in the last game she played.

“Awww ….” another yeoja who had just come successfully became a victim of a PS stick that had been thrown.

Reflex, Yoonmin glanced over the sound of sigh direction. “Aigooo … are you okay?” asked Yoonmin worried. That yeoja quickly shook her head and rushed to avoid Yoonmin.

“You’re my new roommate?” asked Yoonmin as she approached that yeoja. That yeoja with her two braids kept clutching her bag as she walked backwards to avoid Yoonmin.

“What’s your name?” asked Yoonmin.

“Pa..Park Yeon Min imnida.” answered that yeoja.

“Wow .. we almost have a similar name, my name is Shin Yoonmin.”

“You’re a transfer student right??? In what class were you? “asked Yoonim again.

“2 C,” Yeon min answered simply.

“Jinja yo?!! That’s mean you are my classmates too!!!! Welcome!” stated Yoonmin enthusiastic. The yeoja named Park Yeon min just stared at Yoonmin with full of alert, afraid if Yoomin might would attacked her again.


“Tadaa!! we were finally arrived ” said Seol Ah.

Seol Ah was just about to open the door that had labeled number 101 on it. Can be seen a yeoja that was engrossed made a movement on her head while listening to a rock song from her headphones that she have been used. Liya’s heart sank when she discovered the existence of that earlier yeoja who had done something an unpleasant to her was somehow turned out to be her roommate. Liya squeezed her own hand nervously.

“Anyyeong Ji Soo ah” greeted Seol Ah while glanced around the room’s wall. That Yeoja who had been greeted wasn’t even care, because her ears were still busy listening to thumping of the rock music that she was listening to.

But when Liya entered, Ji Soo stared at her with full of sarcastically. With a rough she took off her headphones that she wore. “Tsk …” Ji Soo sighed. Seems like she didn’t look happy ‘cause there are people who entered her territory.

“You guys, Never ever touch my stuff!” stated Ji Soo as she take a leave from the room. Liya bit her lower lip anxiously, a few seconds later her tears began to appear in the corner of her eyes.

“Aigooo … Liya-ssi what happen to you??” asked Seol Ah, seems to be worried .

“I don’t wanna share a room with her …” said Liya sobbed.

“Gwechana, she wasn’t that bad as you imagined” said Seol-ah as she rubbed Liya’s back to calm her up. Liya merely nodded while wiping the tears that successfully fell down into her cheeks. In her heart she continued hoping that yeoja who named Jung Ji Soo wouldn’t bother her anymore.


Today is the first day for the new students who attend school in Seoul high school. The whole new students were currently being gathered in the central hall.

Liya kept holding Seol Ah’s hand tightly. Sometimes Seol Ah looked at Liya and smiled. Being around Seol Ah makes Liya feel comfortable for sure. At the front of her, stood Ji Soo with arms folded across her chest while sucking her lollipop.

“I not brave enough to greet her,” Liya mumbled to herself.

“Ji soo ah ~” Seol Ah patted Ji Soo’s back gently. Ji soo turned over and for a second she stared Liya with her cold gaze. Liya immediately shook her head with a dread looks.

“It wasn’t me who patted your shoulder…” Liya screamed inwardly.

“Don’t bothering me, Pabo ..” said Ji Soo with a flat. Seol Ah and Liya were being silent as they heard Ji Soo’s words. They also seem to understand that it would be better if they didn’t need to deal with Ji Soo at this time.

__________________________________ Scholostry_______________________________________

“Kyaaa!! Kyaaa!!” a noisy shouts from Seoul high school students began to rumbled when six namja began to entered the hall. Liya were being stunned to see the incident that was happen at this time.

“Kyaaa!! Baekhyun oppaaa!!” even Seol Ah screamed hysterically.

“Seol Ah ~ … who are they?” asked Liya with full of curious.

“Yaaa, Liya-ssi you don’t know them?????!!” Liya merely shook her head.

“They were Seoul high school’s knight!!!!” stated Seol Ah enthusiastic. Liya was in a little amused after heard the word “Seoul high school’s knight” that just have been pronounced by Seol Ah.

“They all were very well known in Seoul, how come you didn’t know about that???” asked Seol ah.

“Mianhae .. I just moved here two weeks ago,”

“Ah .. I see now…. Well, you see that man who was smiling???” Seol Ah as she pointed on a sweet flawless namja.

“Which one???”

“The one who waved his hand,” firmed Seol Ah. Liya was focused on a namja who stood on the left from the sixth row of the namjas.

“His name is Byun Baekhyun, he was very friendly and kind. He was the heiress of Byun corp, although he was very rich yet he was very kindly,” said Seol Ah with a sparkling eyes.

“You like him?” asked Liya innocently.

“Ah no no,” protested Seol Ah,

“Even though she said no but her expression clearly showed that she truly liked that namja called Baekhyun” thought Liya.

“Annyeong yeorobuuun!!!!!!”

All students were focused on the namja who had just greeted. Among that six namja, he was the taller one. His clothes look a bit messy with a sleeves being rolled up and tie was tied up carelessly.

“His name’s Park Chanyeol, the leader of Seoul high school’s knight” said Seol.

“Welcome to Seoul high school!!” said that namja enthusiastically.

“Kyaaa!!!!” screamed yeojas became hysterical when the namja named Park Chanyeol make a wink.

“Yeoja in here were really weird” whispered Liya to herself.

“You saw that namja beside Park Chanyeol? His name was Kim Jongin, but the yeoja called him Kai, playboy master,” said Seol Ah.

“Oh .. The namja who had a little redness hair is Kim Joonmyun, but because he was kind like an angel everyone used to called him Suho” Seol Ah stated.

“That young man who’s right beside Suho was DO kyungsoo. Such a very mysterious man, no one knew about the origin of his family,” said Seol Ah again.

“Who’s that namja with a poker face-looked?” asked Liya innocently.

“He is Oh Sehun, among the six of them he was the youngest one, and he was the one who has a lot of fans” answered Seol Ah.

“You know them so well,” said Liya.

“I’ve told you, they were famous in Seoul,  they were one level above us,” said Seol Ah as she kept stared at Baekhyun.

After a few moments finally the inauguration ceremony of new students has came to an end. Out of sudden Park Chanyeol walk leads to the place where Liya and Seol Ah stand at.

“Ji Soo ah ~” greeted Chanyeol on Ji Soo.

“Ji soo knows that namja?” asked Liya inside her mind.

“Yak oppa!! Don’t mess up my hair!” protested Ji Joo as she twisted Chanyeol’s hand.

“Ya!! Jung Ji Soo you hurt me!,” said Chanyeol while trying to pulled Ji Soo’s hand.

“That was a welcome from me oppa!,” said Ji Soo while loosen her grip.

“You have no manner at all with your senior” protested Chanyeol trying to headlock ji soo’s head. Liya and Seol Ah were kept looking at Ji Soo and Chanyeol who were still busy with their activities. Chanyeol who had been realized about it started staring at Liya with a cold gaze and stabbing.

“Seol Ah, let’s get out of here,” Liya rushed pulling Seol Ah’s hand and left Chanyeol and Ji Soo.

“Wae?? There is Chanyeol oppa right there,” said Seol Ah being so inevitable to leave their place just now.

“Seol ah ~” Liya was trying to bring Seol Ah a bit far from those two humans.

“Andwee, I haven’t give my kind regards to Baekhyun oppa” Seol Ah released Liya’s grip, but when she was about to turn, suddenly she bumped into someone.



Seol Ah grimaced in pain, clutching her knee which has just successfully kissed the hall’s rough floor.

“Apo..” grimaced Seol Ah.

“Gwechana?” a namja that Seol Ah never ever imagined was now stand right in front of her showing a kindness expression. Seol Ah could only remain silent with her mouth wide open, staring at the namja.

The Namja in front of her became confused ‘cause the yeoja that he had just helped were now just remain a silent, staring at him. He waved his hand right in front of that yeoja’s face so that she could woke up, at least if she was on her daydreaming or something.

“Seol Ah, gwechana?” Suddenly Liya’s voice successfully brought Seol Ah out from her reverie. Seol Ah nodded her head. There was a red burst that clearly exposed on her face.

“Sorry for bumping on you,” said that namja as he gently rubbed Seol Ah’s head. Seol Ah was so mightily to hide her excitement.

“Kyaa!! Byun Baekhyun rubbed my head!!” thought Seol Ah screamed with delight on her own mind.

“Liya-ssi let’s go back to class,” this time Seol Ah was the one who pulled Liya’s hand, her heart was really going to explode if she still stood over there for much longer.




“Hey Park Yeon min!! Why were you still standing over there?!! Come here quickly!” Said Yoonmin, tried to persuade Yeon min to come closer to her. The yeoja that her name had been called were just shook her head as she continued to clutching her backpack tightly.

“Tsk!” felt annoyed, Yoonmin end up pulling Yeon min to enter the classroom.

“Andwee ..” Park Yeon min shook her head a little bit more stronger. But what to do? Even though Yoonmin’s body looks so tiny yet she has a super power for sure.

“Anyyeonghaseo!!” greeted Yoonmin with her loud voice. All students in the class were coincided directing their eyes toward Yoonmin. “Hahaha how is it going guys?” said Yoonim again.

“Min ah ~ why were you just came now?” asked a teacher who was in the class.

“Mianhae Hyun ki sosaengnim, I wanted to introduce a new student”. Then comes Park Yeonmin from behind the door with a very red burst on her face. Shin Yoonmin went to her seat with a cheery and left Park Yeon Min with all of her nervousness.

“Come on, introduce yourself,” Hyun Ki Sosaengnim’s voice made Yeonmin starled.

“A.. Anyeong.. Park .. Yeon Min .. im.. Imida,” said Yeonmin stammered.

Seeing Yeonmin’s body being trembled, Hyun Ki sosaengnim end up told her to take her seat right away. Either it was a good luck or bad, apparently it turns out that Yeonmin got a seat right next to Kai. Kai merely glared at yeonmin who’s still busy organizing her breath for being nervous. Yeon Min who was very sensitive could really feel his gaze.

“Soo .. sorry.. Just pretend I was nothing,” said Yeonmin as she lowered her face. Kai merely wrinkled his eyebrow.

“Weird” Kai chirps as he shifting his chair away from Yeonmin. Yeonmin kept lowered her head, ever more.



“Sehunie!!” Yoonmin whined.

“Wae?” replied Sehun.

“Get me some pudding,” pleaded Yoonmin as she clinging on Sehun, spoiled. Sehun who already used to face Yoonmin’s spoiled attitude always carry out her request.

“You can pick it up yourself, you know,” protested DO approaching Sehun and Yoonmin’s table.

“Tch! and why were you the one who protested?” Yoonmin got annoyed. Then suddenly Yoonmin stares at a yeoja with two braids who was busy eating her lunch shyly. Yoonmin rushed over that yeoja right away.

“Sehunieee ~ that pudding is all yours” said Yoomin as waving her hand.

Sehun who’s already hold the pudding was simply sighed. “Always like that…”

“It’s your fault.. You were too pampering that little flea,” D.O sneered.

“Hmmm no matter what, that little flea is still my step-sister,” Sehun continued with his lunch. D.O could only shook his head in confused.


“Seol ah ~” Liya patted on Seol Ah’s shoulder, made her jumped. Seol Ah tidy up her drawing tools right away.

“What did you draw???” Liya tried to peek at the drawing paper which Seol Ah tried to hide from her.

“Aigooo don’t peek at it,” Seol Ah hastily covered her painting papers with her own body.

“All right.. If you don’t want to show it to me, let it be,” said Liya with a flat.

“Okay okay .. I’ll show it to you … I … draw Baekhyun oppa,” said Seol ah shyly, showing her drawing papers to Liya.

Appeared a sketch of namja, Liya stared at it a smile. “You really like that sunbae aren’t you?” asked Liya mischievously.

“I’m..  not ah .. no I do not like him,” replied Seol Ah nervously. Liya hold back chuckles, even though Seol Ah said so but she clearly knows her heart says the otherwise.

“But you’re so great Seol Ah, you can draw them even without looked at the object directly,” Liya seems so amazed.

“Hahaha of course, every curve of Baekhyun sunbaenim’s face was already being saved neatly in my memory,” Seol Ah stated with eyes twinkled. Realized that she was talking too much, reflexes Seol Ah shut her own mouth up, and a red blush were now on her face.

“Hahaha come on, let’s get back to class,” offered Liya.

“You should go first, I’ll go after finish tidied up my drawing tools,” said Seol ah. Liya complied Seol ah’s request and took a walk.

When Seol Ah was about to turn to her class, again she bumped into someone. The entire sketch papers were end up cluttered on everywhere. “Kyaaa!!” Seol Ah yelled out.

She quickly collect the papers with full of panic. The namja who she had bumped with, were now helping her. “Here you go..” said that namja as he handed a sketch papers that belongs to Seol Ah.

“Thanky- ” Seol Ah’s eyes rounded when she saw the namja that stand right in front of her at this time. “Yaaa!! Suho sunbaenim!” said Seol Ah shocked.

Suho was a little bit in gasped due to Seol ah scream voice. Suho merely rubbed his ear with a bit grinned. “Your voice is so loud, Ukh my ears hurt like hell…” Suho stated with a little teasing tone.

Seol Ah were puffing out her cheeks ‘cause she was a little bit annoyed with what Suho had just said. “Thank you!” said Seol Ah, still puffing out her cheeks.

Suho being amused seeing the yeoja’s face right in front of him at this time. Seol Ah looked away and hurriedly leaving Suho who’s still busy holding back his chuckles. “Oh …” Suho saw one paper that was left behind.

“Hey … you left this one!” shouted Suho as he tried to return the paper to Seol Ah. But unfortunately, that girl had run so fast. Suho take a look at the sketch carefully. “Eh? Isn’t it a Baekhyun’s figure?”


“Ukh my head hurt so much,” Yeon min mumbled, holding her own head. A week being at her new school was made ​​her in a bit of stress, not to mention Yoonmin who always bothered her at anytime. Park Yeon min prefer to be alone. Not to mention, again, she was in the same class with the namja-namja who were most popular in school. Every day her class was being filled with fans hanging around.

With her unsteady steps, Yeon min walk to the school’s health room. “Looks like it would be better if I take a rest for a while,”

“Excuse me?” Yeon min opened the health room’s door. But there was no response at all. Yeon min focusing her eyes on around expecting she could meet one of the health workers in the room. When yeon min was already taking more steps, suddenly a moans sound can be heard. At that moment, yeon min’s body became shudder. “Annyeong .. anybody there?” asked Yeonmin with fears.

The moan voices can be heard again and now the sounds became more sensual. Yeonmin’s heart beating faster, she could saw a faint shadow behind the curtain covering the mattress that was available in the health room. Slowly her curiosity urged herself to investigate it at any further. With a trembling she slowly opened the curtain. And …



Yeon min sculpting right after saw what’s right in front of her. She saw a namja and yeoja were busy kissing to each other. That yeoja who was mad in love kept moans as she occasionally pulled the namja’s hair with a rough.

“Ah…” that yeoja was getting raved while the namja was still busy giving kisses on her neck. Yeonmin was finally realized, that she wasn’t supposed to be in this place. She stepped back, her knees became weak after saw the incident. But because she wasn’t really careful, she accidentally bumped into an iron trolley right in front of her.


The trolley noises were arising from Yeonmin’s actions just now. The namja and yeoja who were busy flirting to each other before were stopped their activities right away. Yeonmin tried to stand up and run away from that place, but unfortunately the impact earlier made her feet hurt so bad now. Yeon min merely winced in pain.

The namja behind that curtain went up to search where was the noises came from, which has been disturbing them from their activities. And that namja was being snapped up after knowing that the noises was came from Yeon min.


Yeon min faced that namja with full of fear. “Kai-ssi ….” yeon min frightened.



“Liya-ssi.. Look at this…” said Seol Ah as she showed a piece of paper that she just got from one of basketball club’s members.

“Wae?” asked Liya curious.

“Basketball club were going to accept a new manager candidate.. hua .. You must register!!” said Seol Ah full of excited. Liya merely wrinkled her eyebrows.

“Why me? And why do I have to register into the club as well?”

“Aigooo!!! Because there will be Chanyeol oppa and Baekhyun oppa over there,” replied Seol Ah passionately.

So what  if they were there???” asked Liya, still don’t get it.

“If you were the manager in there, you could meet them every day!! And you could convey my hello to Baekhyun oppa!” explained Seol Ah.

=___= “Ah I understand.. Then why don’t you just register yourself instead??” asked Liya.

“Hahaha I can’t……  stayed closer to Baekhyun oppa could make me crazy, you know right? Hahaha” said Seol Ah with an awkward laughter.

“Well .. okey then, I’ll do it .. For you,” said Liya with a smile. Could be seen that Seol Ah’s face turned bright.


“Ji Soo ah ~” that deep voice could be heard again.

“Wae oppa?” the person who had been called was just too lazy to answer it.

“Congrats!! You’ve chosen to be the captain of the women’s basketball team at this school!” said Chanyeol enthusiastic.

“Jinja??!!” said Ji Soo happily.

“Kajja!! it’s the time for introductions of the new members!” said Chanyeol pulled Ji Soo’s hand. An arch could be seen from the corner of Ji Soo’s lips.



“Liya-ssi!! hwaiting ne!” said Seol Ah holding Liya’s hands with enthusiasm. Out of sudden Seol Ah hugged Liya tightly.

“Wae geurae,” asked Liya.

“Congrats~ you’re finally elected to be basketball team’s new the manager. I will keep  support you Liya-ssi” said Seol Ah.

“Gomawo Seol Ah,”

“Kajja!!! You don’t wanna be late on your first day for your introducing, right??!!” Seol Ah said as she pulled Liya’s hand. Liya just smiled at Seol Ah’s action right now.



“Starting from today Jung Ji Soo will be the captain of your new basketball team,” said Chanyeol as he introduced Ji Soo to the other women’s basketball team’s members. The other members were just nodded their heads, yeah most of them were scared with Chanyeol. Ji soo face looks really bright, different from the usual.

“And your new basketball team’s manager is.. Kim .. kim Liya!” said Chanyeol. But apparently, that yeoja named Kim Liya hadn’t even show up her face. “Liya-ssi!” Chanyeol’s voice started rising.

On the sidelines of the strained atmosphere, two yeoja appeared panting out from running. “Mianhae, am I late?” asked Liya as she set back her breath.

Instantly all eyes were now leading to source of the voice. “You’re Kim Liya?!” asked Chanyeol with a stab gaze. Liya body jerked at the moment as she knows the namja who’s asking at her is Park Chanyeol.

“Eum.. Right … I’m Kim.. Kim Liya,” said Liya panic.

And on her panic sidelines Liya saw Ji Soo’s figure over there staring at her.. and her gaze was no less piercing with Park Chanyeol’s gaze that he gave to her. “Damn, wrong decision,” thought Liya.





It was clearly could be heard that a Polaroid camera’s button has been pressed for many times. That yeoja was capturing an image of a namja that had become the object of her camera’s shots lately. A smile could be seen again as the Polaroid’s paper has been finished printing the object that she had captured before.

“Oh Sehun .. You’re getting more handsome” said that yeoja as she stared at her shot’s result with full of satisfied.

Dissatisfaction is now what she feels. She brought herself more closer toward Sehun who seems to be falling asleep in the corner of the library.




“Hyun ki sosaengnim???” a yeoja patted her shoulder. Suprisingly, Hyun Ki stopped all her activities right away. And her eyes successfully become rounded as she knows the yeoja who had patted her shoulder before.

“Min ah …” Hyun Ki whispered.

“You were capturing Sehun oppa?” asked Yoonmin curious.

“I… I didn’t…”

Haven’t had time Hyun Ki to answer Yoonmin’s question, suddenly Sehun began to squirm,  a sign that his sleep was bothered. “Wae? You guys were so noisy,” complained Sehun as he rubbed his eyes.

“Hyun ki sosaengnim? What are you doing here?” asked Sehun staring at Hyun Ki.


Hyun ki’s face increasingly paled. Her droplets of sweat begin to appear behind her temples.



How’s the intro guys? Is it bad?

I’m sorry if this ff didn’t come out just like what you guys have been expecting of. Also sorry for the cast who had been participated in this ff .. Sorry if you were not being satisfied enough…

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– Omma , @Krisanthemum18  and @baekhyunchik